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How To Install Linux into VMware Virtual Machine STEP 22 of 106

On the left side of the "Virtual Machine Settings" window you will see "Processors". Here we will share some of the CPU power in the "Host" machine with the VMware Virtual Machine. Do not be concerned that the VMware "Guest" will take away that processor power. That is not how it works! The VMware Virtual machine will share CPU power with your real computer. You can do this install just fine with 2 processors. A large computer will have no problem at all if we select 4 processors. This is where VMware is awesome! You can specify a large amount of CPU power here if you have it. For this install process we are fine with 2 or 4 processors. Please know that there are a pile of details inside the VMware world that can distinguish between a single processor or four processors or even sixteen. One may specify that you wish there to be four separate processors with four cores each. That is a pile of cores! Yes it can be done and yes VMware can do that. No problem. For now I suggest that we go with the strange world where there are four processors. They are single core. Nothing like that even exists in the real world anymore. Not since the Sun Fire X4600 M2 server have we seen massive numbers of actual processors inside a single server with multiple cores. Just go with a trivial 4 processors for now.
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