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How To Install Linux into VMware Virtual Machine STEP 21 of 106

The VMware Workstation "wizard" has a whole collection of virtual hardware options on the left side panel with many options on the right. Here we select the "Memory" on the left side and then enter an amount in MegaBytes ( MB ) on the right side. I suggest a nice big chunk like 8192MB which is 8GB ( GigaBytes ). If you are running a small Windows 10 machine with limited resources then you may be fine here with 1024MB. Devuan Linux does not have the Microsoft SystemD bloat added on top of it and thus it can run fine in small places. A really good number here is 8192MB but only if you are running a nice large "Host" machine. A reasonable number would be 4096MB for just about any average modern "Host" machine. Really small machines can get along at 1024MB but do not expect to split the atom!
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