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How To Install Linux into VMware Virtual Machine STEP 17 of 106

The new "Guest" virtual machine will need some storage. Just like a real computer we need some sort of place to install the Devuan Linux operating system into. We all know that the virtual machine will not really create a new hard disk ( or SSD or NVME ) out of thin air. What really happens is that VMware Workstation will create a whole series of small files that act like a single large storage place. These are called the "VMDK" files which just means Virtual Machine DisK storage. Do not even be concerned about the nitty gritty complex bits that make this magic "Wizard" work. Just be happy you do not have to do this with a pile of crazy complex commands! Please select 32G of storage and ensure the option "Split virtual disk into multiple files" is selected. This generally makes for easy backups and copy later on.
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