Getting into FreeBSD can be tough. Double tough if you have barely any
experience with anything that looks like UNIX or Linux. The command line
is a terror to people who only know how to use a cell phone. However that
is a whole other topic for some other rant.

A quick knee-jerk reply to An Open Letter ... where I agree it is tough
to climb into FreeBSD. For a pile of reasons and the first is that

UNIX can be hard.

About a year ago I felt that ... well yes ... it is tough to climb into FreeBSD.
So what if I made a dirt easy set of instructions that almost anyone can use
to get started? So I did that.

My thought was “can I help in some way?”.

See --> Install FreeBSD UNIX where I used VMware as a starting point.

To be fair you can follow those instructions on hardware real easy. Or some
other virtual machine thingy like Oracle(tm) Virtual Box(tm) on your little
Windows(tm) laptop. You can even do this with QEMU. Whatever you have on
hand will likely work if it is an Intel(tm) or AMD(tm) type x86 thingie.

Give it a try. I will update that set of steps for the new and shiney cool
FreeBSD 14.0 RELEASE which will land any time real soon now.

Give it a try. Give it a whirl. At least it is easy to start something.

signed, some old guy with a beard.

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